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Location:  Kenmore, Washington
Type:  Commercial, Public

The 5,000-square-foot Kenmore Hangar, a community gathering space, and the 24,000-square-foot Town Green provide a year-round focal point and a symbolic living room for the city. Located in the heart of downtown, the complex touches upon the primal notions of gathering, creating a venue for passive and active recreation while ensuring a home for nature in the rapidly growing community. The Pavilion is designed to morph depending upon weather or functional requirements. Simple and large, the space opens to the Town Green via a 24-foot-wide by 16-foot-tall bi-fold window wall. When open, the large roof overhang provides protection from rain and sun, and enables parents easy access to their kids playing in the adjacent 14,000-square-foot plaza. The plaza features a fountain and heated rocks to encourage people to linger in inclement weather. The inverted roof lifts up from the building to gesture toward the park and adjacent thoroughfare, with the residual gap between building and roof becoming a dramatic clerestory. At night, the extensive glazing transforms the shelter into a lantern.

Inside, the structure includes a partitionable, multi-use assembly space for public gatherings, music performances, dance classes, movies, and more. Wood cabinetry lockers are integrated into the space to provide storage for community groups and activities such as yoga, club meetings, etc. The facility includes a see-through, double-sided fireplace and hearth composed of concrete, mild steel and milestone. The polished concrete floor is hydronically heated and, paired with the operable window walls and super-sized building fan, ensures a comfortable building environment throughout the year. Simple, durable low-maintenance materials include exposed plywood SIP panels, steel structural beams and columns, clear cedar siding, aluminum storefront windows, and a standing seam metal roof. Provisions for future retail tenants, such as a cafe and a small bakery, are incorporated into the design. The project is expected to be completed in 2017. Graham Baba Architects led the design of the Pavilion as a consultant to HEWITT Landscape Architects, project executives who led the design of the Town Green. 

Photography:  Andrew Pogue, Graham Baba Architects