Millers Guild_04_web.jpg



Location:   Downtown - Seattle, WA
Type:   Commercial
Status:   Completed in 2013
Photos:   Laura Swimmer, Suzi Pratt

The Miller's Guild is a place of craft.  Core values, rooted-in blue-collar utilitarian ingenuity, are displayed and performed to a modern tune.  The 1925 Historic Vance Motor Hotel has been carefully exposed and expressed within the restaurant.  Like the food, the space is clearly and simply, yet artfully layered.  By commissioning local craftsmen for the interior furnishings (eg. fine steel work, custom light fixtures and tables), the beauty of handmade objects gives body to the feel of the rooms: casual, yet markedly sophisticated.  Cooking, woodcraft and metal-working, all crafts distilled through tradition, highlight and harmonize with one another.  A truly wood-fired grill is both the literal and metaphoric hearth; is it the centerpiece of the restaurant, its main cooking surface, and its communal gathering space for both chefs and clients.  The entire process: breaking-down the meat, prepping, and preparing the meal is shared with the guests across a wide table.  The doing of the thing, as much as the finished product, is what the restaurant is about.