Location:  Capitol Hill - Seattle, Washington
Type:  Commercial

This project involved the adaptive reuse of a classic auto row structure in the dense Capitol Hill neighborhood into a modern, urban market, with the ultimate goals being: historic preserva­tion; incorporation of sustainable, repurposed materials; returning to the transparency of the original building so as to maximize natural light, and the engagement and interaction with the streetscape and pedestrian traffic. To accomplish this, the auto row style was embraced and reinforced by maintaining the building’s exterior design while combining exposed brick, wood, and steel for interior; materials recycled from the original and off-site structures were employed; small tenant units were designed so as to make efficient use of space; original trans­parency was recreated via exterior windows to bring in light, activating the streetscape from within and activating the streetscape from without. Pedestrians were engaged by designing the building’s interior corridor to move through the market as a natural continuation of the exterior sidewalk flow. 

Tenants include a flower and produce stand providing local, organic flowers and edibles, a sus­tainable sandwich shop with furnishings fabricated by Graham Baba from reclaimed materials, a local pub, butcher shop, cheese shop, and a shellfish distributor, all selling items distilled, farmed, raised, and grown locally. 

Photography:  David Delfs, Graham Baba Architects

Preservation Award, Preserving Neighborhood Character